Homeless Man Thinks He’s In a Friend’s House, Watch What Happens When He Finds Out The Truth

 In March, MagicofRahat, YouTube personality surprised a homeless name named Eric by giving him a fake lottery ticket. Little did Eric know, Rahat had given $1,000 to a store clerk and that Eric would for sure “win”.
 Having more than 3 million YouTube subscribers, he was sent messages asking how they could also help and donate to Eric. Rahat set up a crowd funding project to help Eric. The project more than doubled the goal of $20,000.

When the house was ready for Eric to see, Rahat picked him up for some food. On the way Rahat told Eric he had to grab something at his house. Eric stepped into the house, thinking it was Rahat’s only to find out it was actually his.


Here’s the lottery ticket video mentioned above:


(h/t ijreview)