Stranger leaves $1,000 tip for bartender’s dog surgery.

I love these type of stories. Unexpected people getting a heartwarming surprise.

Christina Summitt experienced that Saturday night.

After a couple noticed her paw-print tattoo, they started talking about Christina’s dog, Tucker. After they discovered their shared love of dogs, Christina was asked what kind she had.

She revealed she owned a Great Dane – black Labrador mix, and that he was currently in a veterinary hospital. He had just gone through a very expensive emergency surgery after swallowing a hard plastic ball.


She also admitted she wasn’t sure how she was going to pay for the bill. She was struggling to make ends meet already.

The couple ordered a few drinks , ate dinner, and asked to close out their $80 tab.

They left a $1,000 tip!


She stood in shock and hugged the two strangers that gave her an incredible helping hand.

Tucker’s surgery was a success and is now recovering at home. :)

(H/T Elite Daily)